Al-Muhaidib Contracting

Al-Muhaidib Contracting Company was established in 1398 (H), 1977 (G) and is fully Saudi owned.

The company is a subsidiary of Abdul Kadir Al-Muhaidib & Sons Group.

Since its inception, Al-Muhaidib Contracting Company has been engaged in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, office buildings, hospitals, schools, sewer lines, water lines, wastewater treatment plants, water purification and desalination plants.

The company is a registered contractor with Saudi Aramco, SCECO and government departments, and is currently working in Qatar with QATARGAS on development projects.

Established as a leading turnkey construction firm of recognized capabilities and accomplishments, Al Muhaidib Contracting owes its steady growth succeeding with a multitude of Infrastructure projects conducting long term business relations at international levels. Pioneering today’s competitive market, Al Muhaidib Infrastructure has broadened its horizons to an independent division anchoring its substantial investments in highly specialized equipments and unique operating systems with its steadfast commitment towards remarkable excellence optimally exceeding client expectations.

For three decades, and hundreds of projects, Al-Muhaidib Contracting Company successfully delivered a diversity of projects in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries, ranging from sewer and water line projects to school facilities, bank premises, housing projects, shopping malls, warehouses, office buildings, and many others. Our completed projects continue to stand as testaments to our unequaled experience, an unfailing commitment to excellence, and our leading role in shaping our country’s infrastructure and economic development.

We, at Al-Muhaidib Contracting Company, have the experience, skill, and resources to tackle the most challenging construction under the most demanding schedule. Our on-time delivery, on-budget performance, management savvy, engineering know-how, innovation, and unrivaled dedication to safety, are but few reasons why Al-Muhaidib Contracting Company is the full-service heavy contractor to trust.

Al-Muhaidib Contracting Company maintains highly professional standards in procurement and construction, with due consideration to quality control, loss prevention and scheduling requirements. Our record of careful planning, sound management, safe worksites, and on-time performance shows respect for the natural environment while minimizing traffic disruption and other inconveniences where we work.

Throughout the years, Al-Muhaidib Contracting Company has forged lasting relationships with clients, developers, general contractors, and subcontractors throughout Saudi Arabia and the region. We believe that such association enhances the capability of the company in providing outstanding quality services and top range products procurement. Recent examples of successful association is manifested in the winning of the first BOT project in the Kingdom to manage the waste water system in Jeddah Industrial City, the first BOO with SWCC, and BOT for ARAMCO – Sumutomo.

A quality company built by quality people. Al-Muhaidib Contracting Company prizes people above all other resources. Our people have always been the source of our strength. In addition to training and professional development, we’re particularly proud of our long-standing record of safety, as we always empower our workforce to seize the responsibility for customer satisfaction, and grow personally and professionally.

Al Muhaidib Contracting Co
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